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Criminal Record Expunction Clinics Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Free Expungement clinic explains North Carolina expunction law to help you determine if you are eligible to have one or more charges removed from your criminal record. You can also ask general questions to a volunteer attorney through a webinar. If you determine that you qualify for an expunction during the clinic, you can request additional assistance from Legal Aid. Specific legal advice is not provided at this clinic. Clinics are FREE and anyone can attend, but you will need to register in advance. Click here to register for a clinic near you.
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The Lawyer Referral Anti-Bias Pro Bono panel provides victims of hate crimes and harassment with referrals to attorneys who will provide a limited scope consultation at no-cost to help the caller determine their legal rights, resources for reporting hate crimes and harassment, and to get answers to questions on how to pursue their complaint with law enforcement and the criminal or civil justice systems.​  LRIS has created a referral system where callers can quickly identify their issue and get referred to an attorney on a pro bono basis.
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Stun Gun Laws in Virginia
It is a Class 6 felony for convicted felons and people who were convicted of certain crimes as minors to carry or use a stun gun in public. Penalties include either a fine of up to $2,500, up to one year in jail, or both; or (at the discretion of the jury or judge), at least one (and up to five) years in prison.
Kenneth Chrisman Lawyer Richmond Va
How to Make a PTSD Claim for Veterans Disability With the VA
Post-traumatic stress disorder refers to the condition in which a person relives a traumatic event in their past. People with the condition suffer from fear and often relive the experience of the trauma in various ways, such as through dreams or with their memories. This condition is most common in veterans and other returning military personnel who witnessed the negative aspects of war. In the past, PTSD has also been called war neurosis, shell shock, and battle fatigue.