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Octavius (dialogue)
The scene is pleasantly and graphically laid on the beach at Ostia on a holiday afternoon, and the discussion is represented as arising out of the homage paid by Caecilius, in passing, to the Cult image of Serapis. His arguments for paganism (possibly modelled on those of Celsus) are taken up one at a time by Octavius, with the result that the assailant is convinced. Minucius himself plays the part of umpire. The form of the dialogue is modelled on the De natura deorum and De divinatione of Cicero and its style is both vigorous and elegant if at times not exempt from something of the affectation of the age.
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Established in the year 1898, Octavius Tea and Industries ltd. brings along a legacy of tea production of more than a century.
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Tea leafs are packed in small proportions, with a limited count of SKU’s, and are moved forward in multiple smaller SKU’s for bigger orders. This is done to ensure that the Tea leaf remains fresh and does not encounter moisture during the transit time from Production to Consumption. Also the customer can open and use the SKUs one by one thereby refraining to maintain large stock in the open.
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When India attained freedom, the tea estates of Octavius were acquired by an Indian trading company, still working under their original British brand name. Later, in the late 90’s it changed hands and Octavius Tea and its plantations are now headed by its second Indian owner under the same name, the Octavius Tea &Industries Ltd. who exercise full control over the tea plantations and its produce, with a view to providing the same essence and fulfilling a commitment to a benchmark in taste and quality as its British owners had envisioned. Building up on our rich inheritance and glorious past heritage, Octavius Tea was established with a mission to epitomise the art of drinking gourmet teas and with an endeavour to make available the luxury of pure and unblended, single origin Indian teas to connoisseurs across India and the world.
Octavius (disambiguation)
Octavius was the birth name of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.
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Dear Philly: Stop Patting Yourself On the Back for the Octavius Catto Statue
After Philly’s top white law firms refused to hire Higginbotham, a 1952 Yale Law School honors grad, he later became a founding member of the city’s first Black law firm, Norris, Schmidt, Green, Harris & Higginbotham. And then he proceeded to kick white lawyers’ asses in major civil rights cases. He went on to become a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, a Third Circuit Court of Appeals judge, and a Kerner Commission member.
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“There's a sense of urgency to resist the narrative that exists in this neighborhood – and it starts with Pastor Martha Freeman and her congregation.”See Dave Kasnic’s vision for his #VSCOvoices project, Alpha & Omega Ministries!https://buff.ly/2IBeZzg
Octavius (praenomen)
Octavius falls into the same class as the masculine praenomina Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, Nonus, and Decimus, as well as the feminine names Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Septima, Nona, and Decima. It was probably given to an eighth child, an eighth son, or an eighth daughter. However, it has also been postulated that such names could refer to the month of the year in which a child was born. This explanation does not seem to account for the relative scarcity of Septimus, Octavius, or Nonus. But because parents were generally free to choose whichever name they happened to like, irrespective of its meaning, it may be that such names were given for both of these reasons.[5][6]
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Octavius Frothingham
To the later period of his life belongs his best literary work. While he was in New York, he was for a time art critic of the Tribune. Always himself on the unpopular side and an able but thoroughly fair critic of the majority, he habitually underestimated his own worth; he was not only an anti-slavery leader when abolition was not popular even in New England, and a radical and rationalist when it was impossible for him to stay conveniently in the Unitarian Church, but he was the first president of the Free Religious Association (1867) and an early and ardent disciple of Darwin and Spencer.