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The program was called “disreputable if not outright illegal” by some NSA officials and was ultimately shut down in 1973.
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discreditable, disgraceful, dishonorable, ignominious, infamous, louche, notorious, opprobrious, shady, shameful, shoddy, shy, unrespectable
Disreputable word meaning and definition
Related terms: abject, bad, base, bedraggled, beggarly, cheap, contemptible, contemptuous, decrepit, derogatory, despicable, dilapidated, dingy, dirty, discreditable, disgraceful, dishonorable, disordered, down-at-heel, dubious, faded, heinous, ignoble, ignominious, infamous, inglorious, iniquitous, low, mean, messy, notorious, opprobrious, pitiable, questionable, raddled, reprehensible, run-down, scandalous, scruffy, scurvy, seamy, seedy, shabby, shady, shameful, shoddy, sloppy, slovenly, sordid, sorry, tattered, threadbare, unkempt, unpraiseworthy, unrespectable, unsavory, untidy, untrustworthy, vicious, vile, wicked
31 CFR § 10.51 - Incompetence and disreputable conduct.
(13) Giving a false opinion, knowingly, recklessly, or through gross incompetence, including an opinion which is intentionally or recklessly misleading, or engaging in a pattern of providing incompetent opinions on questions arising under the Federal tax laws. False opinions described in this paragraph (a)(13) include those which reflect or result from a knowing misstatement of fact or law, from an assertion of a position known to be unwarranted under existing law, from counseling or assisting in conduct known to be illegal or fraudulent, from concealing matters required by law to be revealed, or from consciously disregarding information indicating that material facts expressed in the opinion or offering material are false or misleading. For purposes of this paragraph (a)(13), reckless conduct is a highly unreasonable omission or misrepresentation involving an extreme departure from the standards of ordinary care that a practitioner should observe under the circumstances. A pattern of conduct is a factor that will be taken into account in determining whether a practitioner acted knowingly, recklessly, or through gross incompetence. Gross incompetence includes conduct that reflects gross indifference, preparation which is grossly inadequate under the circumstances, and a consistent failure to perform obligations to the client.
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Definition of disreputable in English:
Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones.