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Can I Apply for Ecuador Residency Without a Lawyer?
Yes many people do go to Immigration on their own to get a cedula there are a couple representatives in Cuenca that speak English. One friend had to go back and fourth 20 times and have more paperwork sent from Canada! If you are fluent in Spanish it would be easier because you will have to got to translators and get paperwork notarized etc. I did not want a hassle going through the process when I moved to Cuenca so I did use an attorney and e-mailed all the paperwork to them before I came to make sure I had everything I needed, but 3 1/2 years ago there was no cedula office in Cuenca so I had to go to Quito to finish the process and get my cedula with the aid of a representative from my attorney who met me at the airport and with her connections I did not have to take a number and wait for 200 people in front of me to see an agent, we walked in and within 15 minutes were serviced. I have heard stories of many expats who were taken advantage of by attorneys and paid to much money. You can use a solicitor also now which will save money over an attorney but need to make sure you have all your paperwork that is required when you arrive or it can be expensive to have it sent here. I was happy using an attorney which was $1000 but I had no problem! I might have saved $500 using a solicitor but I was secure using an attorney recommended on Gringos abroad. I paid total $1750 which included my trip to Quito and 2 nights lodging, plus the translations, visa, and notarizing of paperwork! Using an attorney gets cheaper if there are more then one person, one guy I know paid $1600 for three, just the attorneys fee!
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Thank you for this. Great advice. Yours is the first realistic posting I have read of the time it takes to adjust. We had read all about how, after a couple of weeks, you'll feel great. It took us a full three weeks and we were quite sick during that time. Now, even though we live at a lower elevation (6700 feet) Cuenca no longer bothers us when we go to visit. I would second the good advice on the tea. I was able to find some in the US. They called it Herba Mate. Be aware, if you take it in the US, it'll keep you awake half the night!! At least the kind I got was EXTREMELY potent! LOL
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An excellent Cuenca Real Estate Attorney is also a very wise idea if you’re looking into Buying Property in Ecuador.  Living, working, volunteering and/or retiring in Ecuador on your own terms is what it’s all about, and so whether you’re desiring to live in an expat retirement community in Ecuador, looking to have a condo/house of your own, wanting to serve an indigenous group, or just wish to play it all by ear, you’ve most definitely come to the right place, so as to create and/or find your own Ecuadorian dream, whilst carving out a little slice of heaven for yourself, all here in the true “middle of the world”!
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We frequently get people to say "Our budget is $500-$700 a month for a rental. Can you help us? We're wondering where these people think they're moving to. Do they think they're just moving across u.s. state lines? They must think they're moving to the "best retirement city" in the world, instead of just a mountain town in a third world country with an annual GDP per person of only $8000.There's lots of small town north America where you can rent for that! And everyone speaks your language...Or, if you have that kind of a budget, and are sure you want foreign living, why not try Argentina? I hear it is more European than Europe. Ecuador is not even close to Europe and may never be.