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Polly ‘I work in a very old and interesting area of law. Today I met a client who is 70 years old and has no family. When she dies, she wants to put all of her money into a special fund. Her two friends will use this money to help pay for a training school for actors and actresses from her home city here in Liverpool. I explained to her how to do that and I will draft the necessary legal documents for her.’
Sherman Home Inspections, LLC.
At Sherman Home Inspections, we inspect single family homes, condos, mobile homes, antiques, multi-families and small commercial properties, covering exterior roof and structure, interior attic, foundation, basement, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and much more. Comprehensive report designed to enhance client interaction is given on site.
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Houston Home Inspections
I get great satisfaction by working with my clients and answering their questions. As a Master level inspector, I’m able to give you honest feedback on your risk to purchase a home. Unlike some Houston area home inspection companies, I never produce cookie-cutter reports. If I defer a problem to an expert, you’ll know exactly why and I’ll back it up with photos and a professional custom narrative.
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O’Connell & Plumb, P.C. was founded to provide our clients with high-quality legal services in a small, personal setting. Living and working in western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley, we were inspired by the area’s many successful businesses, which demonstrate the area’s spirit of innovation and growth. We set similar high standards for our firm and have maintained those standards for more than a decade. Our attorneys draw on more than 70 years of combined legal experience to capably manage each case we undertake.
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Boston Personal Injury Lawyers
Most of the firm’s work is in helping clients with substantial personal injuries or helping the family of someone who has died. Many of these clients have had Auto Accidents, where the medical bills have to be over $2,000 before you can go to court. Often, as Boston personal injury lawyers, we represent clients with Work Injuries. You generally can’t sue your employer, but injuries at work are frequently caused by a machine or some other company’s workers. We have represented clients who have tripped and fallen in parking lots or stores or had part of a building fall on them when they were walking down the street. We are experienced in Liquor/Dram Shop Liability, where our lawyers will hold a bar or liquor store liable for the personal injuries and property damage done by a drunk driver. Some of our biggest verdicts have come in cases where our client was injured by a product that was defective either in the way it was manufactured or the way it was designed. Products Liability law says that manufacturers have the duty to design their products to protect users even when they are using the product wrong – to make the products foolproof. Some of our clients were injured because someone else didn’t keep up their property, left some dangerous condition unrepaired, or just didn’t inspect their property carefully enough to find the danger. Premises Liability law says a landowner has to keep his property safe for anyone lawfully upon it. We have helped clients who were robbed or physically attacked in their homes or on some business’s premises. In those cases, the perpetrator hardly ever has insurance or the funds to pay a judgment, so our personal injury lawyers will hold the landlord or store owner responsible. Negligent Security law requires landlords and store owners to do what they reasonably can to make sure their tenants and customers are not the victims of crime.