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We have also been strong advocates in the appellate court system and have worked tirelessly to create Maryland law that makes it possible for injured people to get the justice they deserve from the company or person who harmed them. Our attorneys have briefed and argued ten cases in the Maryland State Court of Appeals and have briefed and argued scores of cases in the Court of Special Appeals. Through this appellate work, we have changed Maryland law, making it easier for victims of injury to recover.
Warren Brown Set To Represent Teen Accused Of Killing Officer Amy Caprio
Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon said Wednesday he will join with lawyer Warren Brown to represent Dawnta Anthony Harris. He says they won’t allow the teen suspect to be “sacrificed to the system without due process and zealous advocacy.”
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C. Justin Brown, Esq.
Some of Mr. Brown’s recent successes include: the suppression of a federal wire tap, several post-conviction victories in U.S. District Court that resulted in vacated sentences, not-guilty trial verdicts, the granting of coram nobis petitions resulting in vacated convictions, and the negotiation of a deal in a money structuring case allowing the client to avoid prosecution. He has also handled numerous matters in which he was able to convince prosecutors to either not seek criminal charges or drop already existing charges. In one such case, United States v. Brian Parker, federal prosecutors dismissed all charges against Mr. Brown’s client.
Brown Law provides personal, high-quality legal representation to clients throughout the state of Maryland. The firm places one goal above all others: uncompromising quality. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to difficult problems. The firm handles a vast range of civil and criminal matters, including federal criminal defense, civil rights litigation, post-conviction and white collar defense. It is our goal to treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves – to be good listeners, to be responsive to our clients’ needs, and to build lasting relationships with our clients.
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