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I agree about the whole, “Well, if it doesn’t work out I’ll just divorce.” But I also feel like we’re a different generation than our parents and grandparents. Doing things that are pleasurable, and overall happiness in general is a bigger deal to us than to older generations. In the past, a couple who barely loved each other outside of friendship could get married, have 10 kids, work on a farm and stay together for the rest of their lives. But today, people don’t want to do that. They want to not only be with someone they love, but also someone they love being with. As soon as something stops feeling pleasurable, our first instincts are to bail. It’s no longer about just making means meet, it’s about instant gratification.
Jon and Kate Plus 8 Plus Divorce Lawyers
I heard it on the news as I was driving into work, and it was the first blog that I read this morning by Stacy Schneider from The Huffington Post, so that was a sign that I had to talk about it today. Unfortunately, the rumor that they are getting divorced is not shocking to me, having eight children is just not ideal. A lot of people think they exploited their kids and their unique family for fame and fortune. Whether you agree with that or not, raising eight children by two parents seems impossible to most. There are not many couples in reality television history that have had better marriages after having their own show, it just doesn’t happen. Even though the Gosselin family has made a lot of money, for TLC and themselves, the consequences of this one season might end up costing those children more headaches and frustration than it was worth.
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 divorce announcement?
The sneak peak of the big announcement highlights Crooked Houses, how adorable are they? The sextuplets are seen running around the yard as Kate indicates in a clip that it doesn’t matter where she and Jon are in their relationship, the kids are still most important to her. “We can’t go back now, we can only go forward,” she says and hopes they come out of this “stronger, better, wiser.” Jon says, “I have changed but I’m now the person I know I am.”
Jon and Kate Plus Eight = 0, Gosselin Custody Matter
Forgive the hokey math reference.  It is intended to show another family with children divorcing and the zero representing the losses associated with it.  For Jon and Kate Gosselin, arbitration may finally be putting an end to their marriage and avert a major public custody battle.  At the very least, if they are truly able to accomplish the latter, the children will have some benefit in a crazy “reality television” world that has dominated their lives.
Jon & Kate Plus 8? DIVORCE!?
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