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Even if you are not the primary caretaker, you can take steps to prevent your children from relocating. Before allowing a parent to relocate with his or her children, the court will examine the circumstances and determine whether a move is in the children’s best interests. This includes evaluating the impact the move will have on the children’s relationship with you — the non-relocating parent. The best way to stop your children from relocating is to work with an experienced attorney who can build a strong argument demonstrating the move …
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Family law isn’t perfect, although legal professionals work hard to unify deserving families with children, or at least see to it justice is served in keeping those who harm families far, far away. As such, it is important to understand not every problem can be solved alone. Sometimes it takes the help of others to move on from a difficult situation. Family law problems can often get emotional and even affect your health and happiness. As your legal advocate, my job is to fight to protect your rights, look after your best interest and to help every client navigate effectively through the legal process.
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Spousal Support / Alimony
You can claim deduction from your income tax if you are making regular spousal support payments under an Separation agreement or a Court Order. On the other hand if you are a recipient of the Spousal Support then such payments will be treated as your income, under the tax law. It is important to note that you can only claim such deduction from your income if you have your Separation Agreement or Court Order registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. It is also important to note that lump sum payments are not treated as a tax deductible and your recipient spouse would also have to report that amount as his/her income.
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Dealing with family issues can be difficult, but it’s important to have an attorney on your side who knows the laws in Utah and how to get things done so that your rights remain protected. If you are a Utah resident and are in need of a family law attorney, don’t risk losing your case by hiring the wrong attorney. Salt Lake City, Utah Divorce Attorney David Pedrazas has a proven track record of being successful and protecting his client’s rights. With over 20 years of experience, he has the resources and the knowledge to provide the most aggressive and responsible representation possible. Whether you are involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, contact our firm now at 801-263-7078 for a free case evaluation to discuss your concerns and allow us to begin working on a strategy for you!
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At SHAIKH LAW CORPORATION we understand our client’s feelings and have an unwavering commitment to provide best Family Law & Divorce Law services. We recognized the delicate nature of family and seek to ensure completion of tasks at hand on priority basis. A divorce, separation or common-law break-up is always difficult and can bring emotional, financial and personal challenges. We understand that you would need the best Divorce Lawyer on your side that you can TRUSTto get the financial and custody outcomes you deserve.
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From earth-scorching representation to friendly mediation, we have you covered. Has your spouse threatened you to take your children or “take you for everything you have”? You need an experienced Covina family law attorney to fight for your rights as a parent, to maintain frequent and continuing contact with your children, and to ensure you are not unfairly taken advantage of by your spouse or their attorney.
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To learn more about our legal services relating to alimony, custody, child support and other divorce and family law matters in Doylestown and Newtown, PA, please visit the Practice Areas Section of our website. If you would like immediate assistance, please call us at (215)968-1800 or contact us online. We offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience as well as telephone consultations, if you live far away from our office. We also communicate with our clients via e-mail and respond immediately to all of your questions and needs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.