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Our resumés rival those of our former colleagues at the largest, most-prestigious national and international law firms. But in building a true boutique we have put aside the ego clashes and teamwork-defeating compensation plans that plague so many firms. Able to work as one, we give you the best of each lawyer: the experience in high-profile, bet-the-company intellectual property disputes; the experience of sophisticated, accomplished patent prosecutors, even former Patent Trademark Office Examiners; the substantive knowledge of accomplished law professors; the practical federal-court experience of former judicial law clerks; the oral advocacy of skilled and renowned communicators; the technical expertise of trained scientists and engineers.
Online MCLE Video Selection
This one-hour CLE features John Tehranian (One LLP partner), Kelly M. Klaus (Munger Tolles & Olson partner) and Zachary S. McGee (the SVP, Head of Business & Legal Affairs at Miramax) examining and analyzing the key issues in the upcoming Aereo litigation before the Supreme Court. The case addresses the legality of services that retransmit broadcast signals to Internet viewers without the permission of the major over-the-air television networks. As such, the CLE traces the history of retransmission rights under the Copyright Act, the extant circuit split on how courts have defined ‘public’ performances, and the important legal and policy issues raised by the litigation for the entertainment industry. Please enter the following to watch the video.
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John Tehranian
A frequent commentator for the broadcast and print media, he has appeared on such television programs as ABC’s Nightline and has been quoted as an expert on legal issues in such publications as The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Christian Science Monitor.  He has spoken at numerous national and international conferences and venues, from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, MAK Center for Art & Architecture and the American Intellectual Property Law Association to the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Humboldt University (Berlin) and Monash University (Melbourne).  His work has been widely cited, from testimony before the United States Congress and decisions of the Israeli courts to briefs before the United States Supreme Court in such landmark intellectual property cases as MGM v. Grokster, Tiffany v. eBay, and Golan v. Holder and such leading legal publications as the Yale Law Journal, Harvard Law Review and Nimmer on Copyright.
HMC Lawyers
Where an issue escalates, we recognize that alternative dispute resolution can offer a mutually beneficial outcome to traditional litigation, and can avoid protracted and expensive courtroom battles. Whether your goal is preserving an ongoing commercial relationship, getting a matter settled quickly, or minimizing costs, our lawyers have the training and experience to skillfully negotiate on your behalf before your matter even reaches a courtroom. Our Advocacy Group regularly represents clients at mediations and arbitrations in a variety of civil and commercial claims. We also provide mediation and arbitration services in construction, commercial, and civil disputes.
Steering our clients in the right direction
Our association with Giffen goes back more than 20 years.  The various members of the Giffen team who have worked with and for us over the years have always shown an excellent understanding of our needs and being creative and flexible in approaching solutions.  Their professionalism, time sensitivity and concern for our family has always been evident in our dealings with the firm and their fees have always been fair.  I have no hesitation in recommending them as outstanding corporate legal counsel.
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Langevin Morris Smith LLP
Our lawyers share a solid commitment to professional development and skills training. Most importantly, we use a team-based approach to deliver to our clients the best in legal services at an affordable price. When an emergency arises and results are critical, we are there. We are easy to contact by phone around the clock from anywhere in Eastern Ontario. Just call 613-230-5787!
Our firm and our team of lawyers review each transaction or matter on an individual basis. We recognize that every transaction or matter is different and requires preparation, knowledge and effective legal advice. An answer to one problem for one client may be different for another client. Each lawyer at White Coad LLP takes a hands-on approach to the problem at hand, meets with the client to discuss the issue and will effectively communicate how to resolve the problem and implement the legal solutions to resolve the matter.
Navigating the legal landscape of blockchain technology.
The Crypto Lawyers™ value proposition is simple: we are a team of U.S. qualified lawyers dedicated to helping developers, investors, and organizations navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We commit ourselves to strategically and aggressively represent our clients in their transactional and litigation matters.
Lawyers Cases Projects Gtd
Chris Arledge
“Tips For The Last-Minute Trial Lawyer” Orange County Lawyer, August 2017 “Litigators v. Trial Lawyers: The Differences and Why They Matter” California Lawyer, July 2017 Law 360 interview for its Trial Pros series April 2016 “The King of Pop, Sir Paul, and the Right to Reclaim Copyrights” Big Hollywood, July 2009 “Is Copyright Law Stifling Creativity?” Big Hollywood, July 2009 “Don Henley’s Lawsuit Against Chuck DeVore Threatens First Amendment” Big Hollywood, June 2009 “The End of American Conservatism?” Red County, October 2008 “Standing Under The Unfair Competition Law Is Unlikely To Exist For Competitors” OC Lawyer, September 2008 “Keeping the Judiciary in Check” Red County, April 2008 “Is the Supreme Court’s Independence Under Attack?” Communique, February 2007 “When Does a Contract Breach Also Give Rise to a Tort Claim? A Primer for Practitioners” OC Lawyer, July 2006 “Originalism and its Discontents” OC Lawyer, September 2005 “Is the California Supreme Court Confusing the Boundaries of the Economic Loss Rule?” OC Lawyer, May 2005 “Gould and Phillips: How the Court of Appeal has abused Tameny’s wrongful-termination doctrine.” OC Lawyer, March 2005 “Pitfalls in Defending the Rule 30(b)(6) Witness.” OC Lawyer, November 2004
We take pride in the fact that our firm is known and respected throughout the province. We appear at all levels of court in Ontario, the Supreme Court of Canada, and numerous administrative tribunals. Our lawyers are continually participating in new developments in the law and presenting at professional conferences. We are active in our community, and our lawyers contribute their time and services to numerous public and charitable organizations.
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