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Our attorneys are experienced in representing a full range of companies, from startups to large public corporations. Many of our clients are providers and recipients of debt and equity capital. We also represent individuals in areas including company formation, investments and other transactional matters, employment matters and general dispute resolution.
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Business formation can be both an exciting and a confusing time. Shenon Law Group has the knowledge and experience needed to assist you and provide the smoothest and most thorough process possible. Our team recognizes that planning ahead helps to avoid problems and future disputes. Our extensive experience informs us of what is required for the creation of a variety of business structures, from simple to extremely complex. These include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures. We focus on the specific objectives of each client, individually tailoring legal strategies to support those objectives.
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If you are interested in learning how a lawyer from Boyd Law can help you reach your business formation goals contact our office to arrange a consultation. Call us today at 310-777-0231. Our legal team possesses a broad base of legal knowledge, extensive resources and a commitment to client service that satisfies our diverse clientele across multiple industries. When you hire our firm to find solutions, you receive the benefit of our legal team – a team with divisions that specialize in complex practice areas, allowing them to handle issues in house through collaboration.
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The goal of the attorneys at Boyd Law is to always provide professional and affordable legal services. We employ innovation and creativity to determine every possible course of action related to your concerns. With Boyd Law, you will have direct access to your attorney. We respond promptly to phone calls and emails and keep you informed every step of the way. We promise to always treat you with the utmost respect and to answer every question you have honestly. We will explain concepts in ways that you understand. We will talk with you, not at you, to ensure that you understand all of your options. Contact us today at 310-777-0231.
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Forming a business in California carries various requirements depending on your specific entity, industry, and even location. Getting a single filing incorrect can result in higher tax liabilities, increased scrutiny from local licensing boards, and even delay your company opening its doors for the first time. Robert Hoffman can handle your legal business formation process from start to finish.
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Our Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers can assist in legal matters dealing with, but not limited to: leasing, corporate real estate, homeowners association law, land sales, real estate acquisitions, real estate contracts, real estate development, real estate fraud and title insurance. Los Angeles Real Estate Law deals with everything and anything that is related to real property and involves regulations and laws for protection of real estate and governance of real estate related transactions. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you deal with legal matters pertaining to all aspects of Los Angeles real estate law. Our real estate lawyers have served Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for over 25 years.
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UpCounsel’s 2016 Los Angeles Business Law Report is part of a nationwide survey of business law in U.S. metropolitan areas. The UpCounsel data science team analyzed more than 15,000 attorneys in California to deliver a report on the cost and quality of attorneys in Los Angeles county. The resulting data provides transparency into Los Angeles legal services to help businesses make more informed decisions when selecting a provider. To learn more, visit the 2016 San Francisco Business Law Report to compare the results.
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Attorney Chelico is admitted to practice before the California Supreme Court, and the Federal District Court for the Central District of California. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. Attorney Nabil E. Chelico is also a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association).
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