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This is a dating website. This site is loaded with three bad things. (1) technical bugs to the point it is frustrating and sometimes unusable, (2) bad service, they do not get back to you regarding your problem complaint and a resolution plan, and (3) many fake profiles all containing the same... / Money taken without permission!
I have been member of Arabmatchmaking site for last one year...This site is a big scam...there are girls who contacts a men..and makes friendship...I made 4 girls friends but all are cheaters...1st one was from Sochi.Russia...she had no father...a younger sister and mother...she kept sending me her photos...and her sad she wrote me that her tenant is abusing her family for not paying the rent..she asked me for HELP...I naively agreed...she demanded 400 dollar...I asked her to send any photo ID proof to produce at western union for sending the money...she sent me a fake passport copy...then I discontinued her...2nd I got a lady from kiev, Russia...she demanded 400 dollar to pay to an agency for translation of email to me...I disconnected...3rd I got a girl from London, UK. she developed relation with me...I also pretended being in love her...after 10 days she demanded 200 euro to get repaired her crashed laptop...I asked her to send a copy of her passport to produce at western union...she also...sent me fake passport copy...4th I got was Belgium girl...liege...she kept chatting with me for a month...she..used to on the webcam many time...but I found that she was always in the kitchen..she also one day demanded 500 euro for her hospitalized mom...this time I sense a is going on...let us see what happenes tomorrow...One thing I must accept that all these girls are well trained and emotionally very can never think that they are can easily be trapped...I can say that all this dating sites are big sacam...girls especially trap middle aged men...between 30-50 years...One girl admitted to me that Arabmathch making site hired her for sexy show and paid 50 dollar for 15 minutes.
Can Ask For A Lawyer Before Breathalyzer / scam
Administrator at failed to post my photos and failed to respond to any of my messages for two weeks. Thinking it was hopeless to make any progress I let viewers know that it was impossible for me to post pix because of non-cooperation by the Administrator. Thereafter, the Administrator deleted all of my "About Me" info and posted that of her own doing. I was denied access to my own account from that point on; whatever I posted was removed and replaced with the saccharine tripe out of the mind of the Administrator. Despite not being allowed access to my own account for 11 of the 13 weeks of my "membership, " my card was charged and, following a dispute, PayPal sided with They said that since it was a service and not a product they were powerless to act in my behalf. I believe is a sham, confidence operation, swindling people out of money without ever providing any service. Terms of Use
The site specifically and emphatically warns members never to send money to anyone that they meet on the site. A very small number of profiles on this site (and most similar sites) may not be genuine and may belong to scammers that may manage to slip through our extensive filters and pose as people who they are not. The site has no way of determining the validity of any communication that you receive from another member or the validity of the person behind such communication. We believe that these are few in numbers, but the damage they can cause may be enormous. These scammers will typically pose as an attractive woman or man. They will initiate contact with other members and will at some point during the interaction request money from the other person. This could be a request in the form of a loan, assistance for food, assistance for medical treatment, assistance to cover travel expenses to visit that member or assistance to smuggle a fortune out of a particular country. The list is endless. The bottom line is that we are warning our members to never send any money to anyone that they meet on this site for any reason whatsoever. Chances are 100% that the sending member will be defrauded of that money and will become another unhappy fraud victim. It is a violation of site policy to solicit money from or to send money to any member on the site. It is the responsibility of each member to report to the site administrator through the "CONTACT US" link below any request made by another member for money or any correspondence received from another member involving a financial transaction.