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Mr. Penny defends all quasi-criminal and Criminal Code charges but the focus of his practice is on crimes against the person. Such crimes include, murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence offences, robbery, weapons offences, all sex crimes, including, but not limited to, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, common assault, domestic (spousal) assault and more.  With over 36 years experience – Patrick Penny can help you.
Red Deer Criminal Lawyers
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Firearms of course are almost always classified as weapons of one sort or another and there are a great many provisions in the Criminal Code (and elsewhere, including the Firearms Act) dealing specifically with firearms.  Some of the headings dealing specifically with firearms are:
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We are an experienced team of Criminal Trial Lawyers located in Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House Alberta, and serving all of Central Alberta. We defend against all criminal code charges including, impaired driving (DUI), drunk driving causing death, assaults, drug charges, and homicide. We will help you fight these charges.
Sentencing is difficult to predict with drug charges and it really depends a great deal on the circumstances of every case, including whether the charges are for possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, actual trafficking, cultivating (“grow houses”), quantities involved and what type of drugs are involved. Sentences for trafficking in cocaine and heroin result in starting point sentencing at a term of years in jail.  If charged with these types of offences, you need to speak to Mr. Penny immediately. He is experienced in defending these types of offences
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Red Deer Criminal Lawyers
Just as important as their experience is the professionalism of our team of lawyers. We understand that being accused of a crime can unsettle a person’s life financially, socially and emotionally. In light of this tremendous stress, the lawyers here focus on providing clients with practical advice that will help solve their problems as efficiently as possible in a non-judgmental environment.
If you have been charged with any form of assault, you should speak to Mr. Penny immediately.  An assault conviction may not result in a person acquiring a criminal record in all circumstances. An experienced defence lawyer like Mr. Penny can advise you properly as to whether you have a chance at escaping a criminal record and may be able to help you in that quest. Mr. Penny has helped dozens of clients avoid criminal records over the years with respect to certain types of assault charges. Call Mr. Penny today.
For example, in the unreported case of R. v. Smith (June 10, 2011 – Alberta Prov. Court), Mr. Penny was successful in obtaining for his client a suspended sentence and a period of probation of 18 months for a convenience store robbery in a situation where the Court of Appeal of Alberta has mandated in R. v. Johnas (1982) 2 C.C.C. (3d)  490 a starting point of 3 years in jail for an unsophisticated armed robbery of unprotected commercial outlets in the absence of physical harm to the victim.
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Criminal charges carry jeopardy that ranges from a loss of liberty to a loss of your livelihood but regardless of the nature of the charges, individuals are routinely downcast by the criminal justice system. The team of lawyers at RUCD will defend against your charges through meticulous preparation and by approaching each case proactively. Our legal team will utilize our collective experience to ensure the best outcome in view of your specific circumstances.
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Child Pornography
This is evident by looking at Sections 163.1(2) to 163.1(4.1) of the Criminal Code. Distribution and making child pornography are the most serious of these types of child pornography offences and both bring a minimum sentence of 1 year in jail if an offender is convicted and the Crown has proceeded by indictment. A minimum sentence of 6 months applies upon conviction where the Crown has proceeded summarily. Even possession and accessing offences will bring a jail term of 90 days minimum upon conviction where Crown has proceeded summarily. These are offences which mandate jail time.