Talk To My Lawyer Lyrics

Juicy J – Call My Lawyer LyricsPosted: September 18, 2017
[Verse 2] N-ggas gon’ snitch on the plug I don’t say sh-t to the drugs Hell naw, I don’t know sh-t I don’t know who the n-gga was I don’t know where the n-gga live I don’t know none of his kids I don’t know what a n-gga drive I don’t know where a n-gga hide N-ggas ain’t loyal these days Most of ’em got b-tch n-gga ways I don’t trust none of these n-ggas N-ggas can’t take sh-t to thee graves N-ggas don’t use they head Call your phone from the feds Tryna get you indicted Talkin’ ’bout what another n-gga did I don’t be answering my phone These n-ggas sh-t be tapped I don’t know what n-ggas on Talkin’ ’bout who got clout N-ggas telling on theyselves Showing everybody they strap Til’ they run in your crib, hands behind your back Call the lawyer
kitty wells – will your lawyer talk to god lyrics
we all face that final judgment and it’s very strict they say when your time comes, i wonder what you’ll do will you bow your head in shame or will you turn your head away or will your lawyer talk to god for you?