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Through the years, we have built up valuable experience in executing commercial and civil litigation cases, including highly technical cases associated with business and residential real estate and involving various parties; the landlord or homeowner, the tenant or occupant, breach of contractual terms, partnership issues (that could potentially lead to dissolution), shareholder disputes, fraud and fund embezzlement, consumer protection, negligence and construction-related cases. We are also vastly experienced in prosecuting (and also defending, depending on the case) Yellowstone injunctions and preliminary injunctions on the behalf of landlords and tenants who are our clients.
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The Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person with a disability.  Under the Fair Housing Act, discrimination is a refusal to make a reasonable accommodation to rules, policies, practices, or services that are necessary to allow a handicapped person equal opportunity to use and enjoy the dwelling they are occupying.  In these type of situations, the rule, policy or practice is the early termination of the lease.  This situation can occur in one of two ways.  One, a tenant can no longer use the dwelling because he developed a disability or his disability becomes so severe that he can no longer use or enjoy the dwelling because it has become inaccessible.  Two, a tenant develops a disability or his disability becomes so severe that he has to seek medical treatment somewhere else that prevents the tenant from continuing to use the dwelling.  In the first situation, an alternative accommodation to terminating the lease may be to offer the tenant a suitable vacant apartment in the apartment community or in another of the landlord’s apartment communities for the remainder of the lease or perhaps under a new lease.  If such an alternative accommodation is not available, then a landlord should probably terminate the lease without any penalties.
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Commercial landlord tenant disputes in New York City present a host of issues separate from the issues in residential landlord tenant disputes. Mr. Zalewski has years of experience handling not only residential landlord tenant matters in Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York, but also a wide variety of complex commercial landlord tenant disputes.
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Congratulations to BBWG's Kara Rakowski who was named as one of the top 100 Woman Attorneys in NYC in Crain's 2018 inaugural list. Congratulations, Kara! …
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Bad tenant’s cost landlords money! If your tenant is in arrears of rent, causing a nuisance, damaging the property or just refusing to leave – then we can help you. We can advise you on your rights and provide you with support during the tenant eviction process. Whether you are a private landlord or letting agent with just one property or many properties, we are here for you with professional advice and at very affordable rates!
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Our partners came together around this mission nearly 20 years ago. Most had decades of experience exclusively in Landlord & Tenant Law prior to forming Mitofsky Shapiro Neville & Hazen, LLP. To this day, we are cited as experts in articles and treatises, conduct symposia and advocate for building owners in shaping and application of NYC guidelines and regulations.
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The Law Office of Bradley D. Schnur, Esq., P.C. is a hands-on, attentive law firm. We lay out options for our clients and describe the different scenarios under each option, allowing the client to make informed decisions.
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to manage our legal needs for over 1200 units. They also provide legal support with the management of our Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). Additionally, LLF has been instrumental in providing educational resources to our staff by hosting onsite seminars. The team at LLF is knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. Robert and Adam have offered invaluable advice on various topics that have helped us with resident management, compliance, tenants’ accounts receivable, and other issues at our properties. The LLF team works hard to get us the best results. We would highly recommend LLF to any landlord looking for an experienced and skilled legal team.” – Jaqueline Figueroa, Director of Operations, Charter Oak Communities
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Tenants can sue landlords in different courts depending upon the area of state: Small Claims Part in civil court (in cities, including New York City); district court in Nassau and Suffolk counties; and justice court in rural areas for the return of their deposit. Tenants can sue up to a dollar amount of $5,000 in New York Small Claims Court or $3,000 in town and village justice courts. See Filing a Security Deposit Lawsuit in New York Small Claims Court for advice for tenants filing suit. Landlords defending a security deposit lawsuit should check out New York Landlord’s Guide to Security Deposit Disputes in Small Claims Court.
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I found Mizrahi Law through Yelp and want to add another excellent review. Moshe and Robert are the best at eviction and they hold your hand along the way. They are outstanding at what they do, and unlike other… read more