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The High Court in the case of  Mohamed Zain Yon Bin Mohamed Fuad v Jason Jonathan Lo & Ors issued its Grounds of Judgment dated 6 March 2019. The case clarifies the interpretation of the new members’ written resolution provision of the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016). More than half the number of shareholding of the members is required to pass the members’ written resolution. It is not more than half the number of the shareholders. Further, the case also emphasised how the CA 2016 applies even to companies which still retain the Table A Articles of Association under the Companies Act 1965 (CA 1965).
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The description of each firm includes all the essential characteristics: specialization, types of services offered, business hours, contact phone numbers, exact addresses pinpointed to an interactive map of the locality, and other service details, such as the ability to meet you at your home or office. You can take advantage of the support services of professionals even when you are far away from home or outside your own country.
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That depends really. If two businesses or organisations are entering into big or complicated projects or relationships, sometimes people on either side like the idea of a symbol of commitment before the final contract. Maybe there’s pressure from the bank or other outside stakeholders. It’s like an engagement, something you do to show each other and the world that you are committed to each other and will marry in due course, before the big day of the final legal contract.