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Since a conviction for one of these crimes may bring potential penalties like prison time or jail time, hefty fines and public stigma, you need to fight the charges as hard as possible. Though it may be possible to appeal a conviction, obtaining a dismissal, or not guilty verdict the first time is clearly in your best interest. It may be wise, depending on the facts of the case, to seek a reduction of the charge or charges to a lesser offense or to negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor. Having an accomplished criminal defense lawyer like Charles C. Cosby, Jr. on your side can be the difference between freedom and lengthy incarceration. Contact my office today by calling me at 804-780-0311 or sending an e-mail.
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We also believe in your right to understand the charge(s) and the case against you, and to make choices about your defence based on a full understanding of all your options. You deserve to know the possible consequences of a conviction, and your chances of beating the charge or getting a reduced sentence.
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Criminal Attorney: Licensed in Virginia and New York, Mufeed W. Said is a savvy and aggressive trial attorney equipped with years of trial experience on both sides of the courtroom.
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