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NYC criminal attorneys at Joseph Potashnik and Associates criminal defense group provide effective and personalized services to clients facing criminal investigations and prosecution in state and federal courts. We have over 70 years of combined experience practicing criminal law. Over the years, our team of trial lawyers has built a track record for taking on complicated cases, and winning them. As established criminal defense attorneys and your law firm, our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome. That means being creative, and extremely diligent, on how we use the law – to fight against the crime you are accused of doing. We are experienced in successfully handling almost every type of criminal cases in all New York Courts and in federal cases across the nation. We take cases to jury, if necessary, and deliver the best possible results. Clients who work with us choose us because they need a defense team who understands how to win!
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Facing criminal charges isn’t the same as trying to fight a traffic ticket. You shouldn’t do it alone. You need a criminal attorney with experience, passion for the law and the ability to get results. Don’t trust your case to just anyone. Take your time and find the lawyer that will work for you.
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Los Angeles is a big city, and there’s plenty of major law firm. The Spodek Law Group has distinguished itself, because of the personal care and service we provide for each and every client. At the Spodek Law Group, you’re more than just a “case file,” you are a person – a member of our family, and someone who deserves quality collaboration and results. By hiring our firm, you’re getting personal attention from an attorney with  track record of handling your legal situation. The Spodek Law Group is a Los Angeles defense law firm with one goal: helping those who are wrongfully accused. We help get charges against you get dismissed, or significantly reduced in severity. We are flexible, and charge lower than other firms. Bottom line, we work with you – and your family – to help you get results. We offer flexible payment plans so you don’t have to worry about fees and the burden of hiring an attorney. As a premier Los Angeles criminal defense law firm, we empathize with what you’re going through, we have over 30 years of combined experience helping those accused of crime.
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"They very much embrace the need to look at the whole situation; they look at the media exposure - for people in the public eye and for a particular type of high net worth individual, that's very important and I've seen them handle that side of things very well. They're one of those few firms that would give clients a genuine round-the-clock service, seven days a week"
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Under the United States Code, there are over 200 federal crimes. These criminal offenses range from arson and robbery to economic espionage and genocide. A large number of federal offenses also fall under the broad category of crimes called white-collar crime. What all of these federal criminal charges have in common is the need for explicit and particular knowledge of the offense to build a successful defense. Many lawyers focus on New York, Connecticut, Wyoming, or California don’t handle federal criminal charges or lack this necessary knowledge. Where does that leave someone facing charges for a federal crime?
“Mr. Batting was referred to me through a friend and since meeting Robert I could see his professionalism and his genuine concern of my case. A very positive outcome was achieved in court by his dedication to research familiar cases and his mannerisms in the court room. His assistant Sue was an absolute pleasure to work with, she was also very attentive with my concerns and questions and was the perfect liaison between Robert and I. I would highly recommend Mr. Batting to anyone finding themselves in an unfortunate circumstance.” – P.M.
Find an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Your State does more than help you find a reliable lawyer to represent you in a court of law. We are deeply committed to education and prevention. We have developed an extensive library with information and support resources in every area of criminal law, including a dedicated DUI resource center to promote good decisions and support practitioners in the field. New resources are being developed every week, so please check back often for updates.
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No matter is too minor or too complex. We are passionate and have the drive, knowledge and experience to assist and represent you. As we strongly stand by the notion that all persons are entitled to a defence, our fee structures are and will remain competitive, allowing you to seek professional advice and representation, regardless of your financial means. As a member of the Victoria Legal Aid Indictable and Summary Crime Panels (being exclusive to private criminal law firm panels) we may also be in a position to assist eligible persons who require the assistance of Victoria Legal Aid to fund their matter.
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It is no surprise that you will not find any unverifiable written testimonials on this website. There is no need. Each of the media clips or footage found on this website depicts me appearing in unusual or difficult matters. Where because of the people or law involved the stakes are higher than usual. They are themselves testimonials. Those clients chose McMillan Criminal Law because they understand that a great deal is needed in the courtroom and this firm is the only one who can deliver it. At McMillan Criminal Law we urge you to treat unverifiable written testimonials with great caution, they are very easy documents to invent.