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Legal Clinics
We, throught our institution, have set up various Legal Clinics in the state of Gujarat and have also planned to set up the centers in the entire nation. The non-profit structure of the legal clinics aim to provide free legal assistance and aid to clients. This works out to be a boon not only for people who struggle to afford the legal services but also for lawyers, judges, non-lawyers and students studying law; as the assistance help them develop skills in the practical and ethical dimensions of law. Currently the legal clinics operating in Gujarat have helped people in several manners. These clinics provide assistance in the area of Community legal services, Criminal law, Environmental law, Family law, Human rights, Immigration law, Tax law, etc. After seeing the success of the clinics in Gujarat, we decided to spread the reach to various states, specially focusing on the states of North East. The people facing the dispute over land and other legal matters can use the services of GLS’s Legal Clinic without incurring any cost.
Innovation in Legal Education: From the Master himself
When I meet my colleagues at a leisure hour, I am usually asked about how do I plan, guide and thus bring about innovation in the teaching pedagogy for legal education. For me answering this brings a wide smile across my face as I am instantly remembered of those sessions, mook court, syllabus framing and those other activities that me and my pool of faculty try and adopt to help students have the practical exposure without being drained in theory. This leads to development of enriched and finest Advocates, Lawyers and Advisors.
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Internship Experience @ Nanavati and Nanavati Advocates, Ahmedabad: Helpful Associates, Litigation Work
While reading them, various interpretations of the statutes were explained to me. I was also given the task of looking for case laws with a particular ratio to substantiate their cases. The research involved was tough and I began from a clueless intern to understanding case laws merely by reading head-notes.
Devang Nanavati
He turned out to be a face of the BJP candidate when his grandfather Ratilal Verma left and he joined the party. Also, as six-time BJP Member of Parliament Ratilal Verma dared to question the state party authority and more especially the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, and other two leading personalities associated with the saffron party (BJP). Amit Mehta, the grandson of retired state Chief Ministers and Nationalist Congress Party guide Chhabildas Mehta and the leading high court advocate Devang Nanavati entered the party in the appearance of state BJP president Purshottam Rupala.
Sudhir Nanavati
In order to lead a healthy and hygienic life cleanliness is one the most important aspects that should be inculcated in our daily life. We should motivate ourselves to cleanliness in order to radiate it to our surroundings as it is the need of the hour. …
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Nanavati & Nanavati Advocates
Current rules of the Bar Council of India impose restrictions on maintaining a web page and do not permit lawyers to provide information concerning their areas of practice. We are therefore constrained from providing any further information on this web page.
Internship Experience @ Nanavati and Nanavati Advocates, Ahmedabad: Good Work Environment, Helpful Associates
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