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Galloways Solicitors and Attorneys provide support, guidance and defense for anything from lows range PCA arrests to Supreme Court matters. We frequently deal with first offenders, so if you have an issue, give our office a call.
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Britani Galloway is an excellent attorney. She was easy to contact via phone or email. She was very prompt and knowledgeable in answering any question that I had regarding my divorce and child custody case. She also made sure that I understood every step of the process in each of my cases which was quite reassuring for me. I would definitely recommend this attorney to anyone who needs a quality family law attorney.
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I founded this firm with one central commitment in mind- to set the standard for criminal defense and family law in Harrisburg PA and Dauphin, Cumberland and York County. It’s my goal to practice family and criminal defense law to make our communities better and safer places. An experienced attorney can protect your rights from being violated and will fight aggressively on your behalf. If a suitable settlement can’t be negotiated, we’re not afraid to try your case in a court of law and win you the victory you deserve.
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Mr Crowley is Company Secretary of Flat Glass Industries Limited (ASX: FGI) and Pine Capital Limited (ASX: PCD). He was formerly a Partner of Ernst & Young in Hong Kong and Australia from 1988 to 1994, and a partner of KPMG in Hong Kong from 1998 to 2000.
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At State Lawyers we pride ourselves with providing the best advice and results for our clients with their will disputes within Sydney and the greater NSW region. Will disputes involve many variables including being an eligible person, having the deceased estate valued, the type of estates that may be included or precluded from being able to be added within the will and relationship of the parties who are challenging the will. If all that sounds complex, it’s because it is, and to make sense of it all you will need the expert guidance of expert will dispute lawyers, who will communicate and be open with you, every step of the way.
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Your lawyer should be supportive from your first consultation and understand the emotional distress you are going through. The more information and documentation you provide, the better insight the lawyer will be able to provide you with. Therefore, it is crucial to bring as much information to your first consultation as the lawyer will examine and analyze the information and documentation and provide you with possible outcomes. We are a family law lawyers in NSW and Sydney that make a difference in the case. Our expertise and talent, along with our extensive knowledge of the law is a combination that cannot be overlooked.
The term ‘black swan’ derives from the story that the English had traditionally defined the word ‘swan’ as a bird that was white. Swans’ whiteness was integral to their ‘swanness’. When the English came to Australia and saw black swans, they were thrown by this completely unexpected event. If swans were by definition white, what was this black bird? It was impossible to have predicted the event of a black swan because of the circumscribed definition of swan.
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For us, providing the best possible legal advice in the circumstances is our first priority. We believe in being honest with our clients and observing the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We take our duty to our clients very seriously and conduct ourselves in each matter as if it were our own.What is the difference between a lawyer and a conveyancer?A lawyer is admitted to practice law, whereas a conveyancer is licensed to only practice conveyancing (i.e. act in property transactions).Where are your lawyers entitled to practice?All of our lawyers are admitted to practice law in New South Wales. Our lawyers are also admitted to the High Court of Australia which means they are entitled to practice law in all federal jurisdictions as well.
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Negotiations in family law matters are often very nuanced and emotionally charged. An experienced family lawyer with many successful negotiations behind them are an invaluable resource. Negotiating in family law can be as simple as compromise and compromising again. However, ideally experienced family lawyers working together can achieve “win-win” solutions for separating couples. Successful family law negotiations must start with truly understanding what the real issues are. Clearing away the “noise” and getting to the heart of the matter and what matters to parties following separation places you in the best position to achieve an optimal outcome for you and your family following a separation.
Dedicated to meeting the specific financial needs of Public Safety, Military and Government Employees
Founded in 1999 by Mike Galloway, a United States Marine Corps veteran and retired
 Mesa Police Lieutenant, Public Safety Financial/Galloway addresses the specialized issues surrounding government pensions, DROP rollovers, deferred compensation, debt management, and investment accounts. We offer a “one-stop” solution for investment needs.