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The first moments after a devastating accident are often full of panic and disorganization, as you try to piece together what occurred. However, in the days that follow an accident, contact the attorneys at Christina Pendleton & Associates. We will handle your claim for damages from day one, and will allow you to focus on what is important: your recovery. Insurance companies will often begin hounding the injured victims after an accident occurs, and our team will ensure that you are left alone during this time. We will carefully examine the facts of the accident and ensure that a claim is timely filed for damages. You are the victim in this situation and should not be responsible for the resulting injuries – whether they be financial or emotional.
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Personal injury lawyers who work on contingency take all risks in order to share in the rewards when the case settles in or out of court. The financial risk for an attorney working on contingency can be significant because in many cases the upfront fees can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, an amount the average person just cannot afford.  There is a mutual benefit to this type of arrangement for both clients and the personal injury attorneys. The more compensation an attorney can settle the case for, the more the client receives and the more attorneys make. The attorney takes the risk, does all the work and collects a percentage of the settlement in return while the client receives justice, quality representation and a settlement to compensate for damages and injuries.
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When we accept a case and enter into an attorney-client relationship, your case is pursued with the energy and devotion that you deserve, since we have a financial interest in making sure that you obtain the maximum recovery. We have a reputation for success and collect settlements and awards for our clients every year. Through contingency fees, you are able to obtain the best at no additional cost.
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If the decision [on class certification] goes the defendants’ way, it will transform litigation of price-fixing claims against pharmaceutical makers. No longer will wholesalers have the ability to benefit from class settlements as passive class members. (AmerisourceBergen, for example, reported that it received more than $250 million from “antitrust settlements” since 2014.) The wholesalers must either forego recoupment of billions of dollars in overcharges or bring claims against their suppliers.
Contingency Fees
A contingency fee is one that is only paid when a certain event occurs. When a lawyer works on a contingent basis in a personal injury case, you don’t pay the lawyer upfront or on an hourly basis for their services—payment is contingent on you recovering for your injuries. In such cases, your lawyer works in exchange for a percentage that will be deducted from the recovery after the lawyer deducts certain “fees and disbursements” from the recovery. The ordinary percentage is 33%, but it can be less, or the contingent can be on a sliding scale, as in something like: 50% of the first $10,000 recovered; 33% of the next $40,000; and 20% of everything over $50,000.
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Contingency Fees and Probate
My new clients were beneficiaries of an estate left by their aunt who died without a will. Dying without a will is called an intestate estate. Under the rules of intestate succession, my clients were the heirs because their deceased aunt presumably had no other heirs. But just as they were about to receive their aunt’s money, another person filed an objection to the proposed distribution claiming to be the sister of the deceased. The rules of intestacy give a deceased person’s sister a higher priority to receive property than what is given to nieces. The attorney handling the probate case could not represent the nieces since he was already representing the estate itself. As a result of that attorney’s conflict of interest, the nieces hired me.