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Aazad Law Associates is not only a law firm but is also licensed as private detective agency in Lahore Pakistan. Aazad Law Associates works in coordination with other private spy agencies in Pakistan. Many Private intelligence agencies in Pakistan are working in coordination with Aazad Law Associates. We provide private detective in Lahore Pakistan and our each Private investigator in Lahore is very much experienced in the field of Private detective agencies in Pakistan. Private investigation companies in Pakistan now play an important role in all types of investigations. Investigation include civil, criminal, corporate, financial, pre-matrimonial, post matrimonial, cheating spouse, political and all other investigations. Our fact finder in Lahore Pakistan and private detective in Islamabad conduct all types of investigations.
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Family cases includes court marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, Conjugal rights cases and we by the grace of Allah Al Mighty are the best in the field of law and are the best law firm in Pakistan which deals in all family cases. Our law firm Aazad Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan have till now dealt with thousands of family cases and the success ratio of our firm and Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is 100% as we know how to achieve the goal and the target and  how the demands of our clients can be fulfilled. Family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan have not only to keep the law and the procedure in mind but also have to keep in mind the client’s motive and requirements. Family cases are not only the test of your expertise but also the test of your nerves because two families are involved in these family cases.
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Court Marriage
Right for court marriage procedure in Pakistan of male and female of his or her own choice is a fundamental right and Pakistani laws provide complete legal protection to the spouse who comes for court marriage in Pakistan.  Aazad Law Associates is a pioneer law firm which provides legal services in terms of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and other cities of Pakistan. We also deal in foreign marriage in Pakistan and provide services to Pakistani Nationals / Foreign Nationals who wishes to marry in Pakistan or get their marriage registered in Pakistan.
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Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Azad the CEO of Aazad Law Associates founded Aazad Law Associates in the year 2008 which is now one of the leading law firm not only in Lahore Pakistan but also in other cities of Pakistan and in other countries of the world. Our office address is 19A Abbot road Barq plaza 2nd Floor Lahore Pakistan.
So if you have a question that how wife can get divorce in Pakistan then the answer to it is that khula is filed by the wife in the family court through a lawyer to obtain the khula decree. So initially when a wife want a khula she needs to hire a lawyer who will prepare the khula petition and file the case in the family court on behalf of the wife and conduct the proceedings in the court. There are stages of proceedings when you file a case of khula in Pakistan.  On initial stage of proceedings notices are served to the husband, then there is publication, then the evidence and the arguments by the lawyers after all these stages and after following this procedure of khula in Pakistan the decree of khula is passed by the family court. Procedure of khula in Pakistan is not so complicated all you need is to hire a competent lawyer who makes the procedure of khula in Pakistan easy for the client otherwise the khula procedure in Pakistan can be a big problem for the client because the reason is that some technicalities are involved in case of khula which only a competent lawyer can overcome. Khula can be ex party also when the notices are served to the husband but the husband does not appears in the court or when the address of the husband is wrongly mentioned in the petition or when the address of the husband is not known. In all these cases when the husband does not appears in the court then obviously the court will not wait for the defendant for an unlimited time period and the court will proceed with the case without hearing the husband and consequently the decree of khula will be passed on the basis of which the divorce certificate in Lahore Pakistan will be issued to the wife by the arbitration council.
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