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Gary Lawyer
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Gary Mazin Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer
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Personal Biography Sample
Your photographer bio, as well as real estate bio, is the first impression many potential clients are going to have of you. It is one of the best sales tools that you have at your disposal. There is plenty of competition for clients and your photographer’s bio needs to make you stand out from the others. It is the impression of the photographer themselves that tends to have the most influence on potential customers selection of a professional photographer. Looking at a few professional photographer websites is a good way to view bio samples and see some of the different ways the bio can be approached.
Gary W. Herschman, Board of Directors / Member of the Firm
Mr. Herschman is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences on a variety of cutting-edge health care law issues, with a focus on strategic transactions for physician groups, hospital consolidations, affiliations and acquisitions, hospital-physician alignment transactions, the formation of ACOs and CINs, regulatory compliance issues (Stark, fraud and abuse, etc.), major clinical and facility joint ventures, recent government enforcement initiatives, reducing whistleblower exposure, and conducting "Stark" audits of hospital-physician arrangements. He also has authored many articles on current health care law issues published in local and national publications.
Gary Lawyer
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Another piece to think about–either from the beginning or later–are keywords that are going to help drive up the profile’s ranking in Google search results. Figuring out what people are searching for and having those words appear in the bios would be useful. You caution against leading with labels, but it is good to include some of the key areas of business within the description. And researching how people are searching for those terms–and using the specific wording they are most likely to search with–could help drive search engine traffic to the bio.