The Lawyer Movie 1970

The Lawyer (film)
The Lawyer is a 1970 courtroom drama film loosely based on the Sam Sheppard murder case, in which a physician is charged with killing his wife following a highly publicized and sloppy investigation. The film was directed by Sidney J. Furie, starring Barry Newman as the energetic, opportunistic defense attorney Tony Petrocelli and Diana Muldaur as his Ruth Petrocelli. The supporting cast features Robert Colbert and Kathleen Crowley (in her final role). The film is the source of the role Newman reprised in the TV series Petrocelli.
The Lawyer (1970)
Description: Tony Petrocelli, a bright young layer practicing in the rich cattle town of Baker, becomes embroiled in a murder case.
Rev Thomas Doyle Canon Lawyer Salary
The Lawyer (1970)
Wilma Harrison had it all. A wealthy doctor for a husband. A big playboy for a lover. A beautiful home. And a horrible death.
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The Lawyer (1970)
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