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CEBU - More witnesses and pieces of evidence have surfaced in the frustrated murder case filed by a female lawyer who was allegedly attacked with a baseball bat by the wife of Ronda, Cebu Vice-Mayor John Ungab.
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The Jaurigue Law Group filed a putative class-action complaint against SBE Entertainment Group, LLC in February 2016, alleging that SBE had improperly contacted consumers with text messages about SBE events, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. SBE is a self-styled “lifestyle” brand behind such high-end establishments as the SLS Hotel, the Mondrian, and Katsuya. On May 24, 2018, the Northern District of California denied SBE’s request to have the suit thrown out, concluding that SBE had failed to carry its burden of establishing that the named plaintiff had consented to receive the messages. According to the court, although the plaintiff had provided his telephone number to SBE in connection with purchasing a ticket to attend an SBE event, that did not necessarily mean that he had given SBE his consent to be contacted about future SBE events.