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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer
A massive 18-wheeler plowing into a passenger car usually has devastating consequences. Many truck accidents can be traced to the carelessness of the truck driver, the trucking company, or both. Often, a violation of state or federal trucking regulations led to the accident. A driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel after violating hours of service regulations, or a driver may have overloaded a truck, causing debris to fall into the highway or hampering their ability to execute a turn. A trucking company may have failed to properly supervise a driver who violated regulations or may have ignored a record of red flags that suggested that the driver should not be hired or retained. Even if the trucking company was not directly at fault for the wreck, moreover, it usually can be held liable if it had an employment relationship with the driver, and the accident happened when the driver was on the job. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can carefully investigate the events leading to the crash and sue all of the responsible parties.